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Healthcare Re-Invented

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

LIVN challenges the status quo and the notion that you have to go to a doctor in order to obtain healthcare.

In fact, we have shown that every service provided in a doctor’s office can be delivered to you at the time and place of your choosing.

We coordinate it all and deliver healthcare to you.

You just tell us when and where.

It’s all covered by your insurance with no extra out of pocket costs.

There’s no reason to ever go to a doctor’s office again (unless you like doing things the hard way).

How we're different


A system completely designed around people.

Your healthcare and happiness matched with the best providers.


We are committed to making healthcare ridiculously easy…and wonderful.

We value your time and your experience.


Designed to make things smart and simple.

A platform that ensures you get the right care backed by research and evidence based guidelines.


Affordable Covered by your insurance with no extra fees or out of pocket costs.

Some call it transparency, we like to think of it as honesty.